An end game quest line

DISCLAIMER: This is based off my limited understanding of the canon, so some parts might not match up 1 to 1. If that is the case I am hoping we can find a way to change the quest line to fit the canon at an acceptable level.

What this is based off, lore wise: So in the cannon (to my knowledge) the security system for the automated defenses glitched then crashed. This quest line is based off the idea that a high-level scientist managed to escape after witnessing the automated defenses fail.

Initiating the quest: The player will find this NPC in a building called “high tech house”. This house is surrounded by turrets that will fire at the player if the player gets too close. The player must find a way to break into the house to talk to the NPC. Once talking to the NPC the NPC will state that it is no problem that the player may have Broken some turrets getting in, as he can easily build new ones. He will tell you that he was once one of the top scientists for the government. Then the player can ask him if he knows anything about why the automated defenses are shooting at survivors, and he will tell the player that he is the man that crashed the system on accident and caused that part of the cataclysm. Since then it has been his penance to figure out how to undo the wrong he has done. Using his knowledge of all the secretive projects that the government had been undertaking he has thrown together a blueprint that might just be powerful enough to broadcast a signal to fix the havoc. But, he says that this mission would require a “God of the cataclysm” (A throwback to that thread would be awesome") to complete. At this point the player can opt in or opt out of the quest.

Part 1: The Amplifier
The NPC will tell the player there is an artifact that is such a powerful amplifier it emits signals passively. However, this has caused the amplifier to be extremely attractive to the giant ants. Part 1 of the quest will require the player to infiltrate an anthill to get the amplifier.

Part 2: The Deafener
The NPC will tell the player that the Amplifier alone, will too much power, will allow subprime creatures to come into our world. This is where the Deafener comes into play. The Deafener will allow the the Amplifier to be used to its maximum potential will out allowing subprime creatures through. To get the Deafener the player must break into a ice lab. On one of the last levels a special room will exist.
Inside this special room lies a machine containing the Deafener. The machine is still operating. When the player attempts to remove the Deafener the game will do a stat check on the player’s electronic skill. A low skill means the machine will explode instantly. A mediocre to high skill will result in more and more time to run before the machine explodes. As if that was not enough, the injured player must now fight 6 jabberwocks that have escaped through the portal that the exploding machine caused.

Part 3: The government facility
The NPC will tell the player that he has built the transmitter. The player must now break into one of the most heavily guarded government facilities. The NPC will say this would normally be impossible, however due to a super missile test gone wrong a section of the wall was damaged and never repaired. The player will travel to this facility, encountering many, MANY drones along the way. The inside of the facility is filled with turret after turret that the player must fight through. In the last room of the facility, the player will only see a a broken transmitter, ready to be replaced. Halfway down the the hallway the walls of the hallway open revealing 2 tank drones, one on each side of the player. If the player somehow survives that, he can replace the broken transmitter with the super transmitter. The player gets the following message: “You hear powerful underground generators begin to turn on.”

Reward: Government defenses / cops will not longer fire at the player unless provoked.

Note: I understand some parts of this quest may be nearly impossible, that is the purpose of this quest. I want the guys from the “Gods of the cataclysm” thread to wee their pants.

Note 2: I understand that this will be very, VERY difficult to program and add into the game, but I think it would be a good enough of an addition to be worth it.

Note 3: I understand the grammar of this is probably awful, sorry.

Feel free to suggest changes to this quest line, this is just an idea I have had in my head. I wanted to see what other people would think of it.

Also, is it ok if I post this on reddit as well?

We could finish this with a suit of heavy power armor and some time.

However to my knowledge I thought the lore consisted of opening dimensional portals gone awry which lead to the apocalypse.

But regardless, I’m in favor of it.

I was thinking about the power armor problem.

My solution:

That missile that damaged a nearly indestructible wall? It was an anti-power armor missile. If the player approaches the government compound wearing any version of power armor these missiles will lock on to The player and kill him.

Perhaps a side quest could be make to disable these missiles, but this quest should not be easy. Perhaps it will also require the player to not use power armor for whatever reason.

I could still rush through with defensive CBM’s, combat armor, I could even tunnel under the wall, or blow up the area.

Maybe even salvaged power armor… theoretically they’re off the grid.