Ammo aesthetics

I made this exact suggestion over 2 years ago( I don’t think anyone actually got to see it before it was buried) and I think it would still be something nice and a bit more realistic to add to the game today.

How about a simple change to finding ammo. Currently the ammo is just lying around in single shots so why not make a little change where if you find ammo its in a ammo box with bullets inside and if you unload this box you get the ammo. However if you were to find ammo on lets say a dead body it might not be the usual nice stack of 50 bullets but maybe just 3 or 4 shots just like with the random lighter charges. Picking up stray ammo that isn’t in a box should also take a bit longer as if you were picking up bullets one by one. Also makes it fun to go into a gun store and see stray bullets and empty boxes scattered about and maybe a rack of precious ammo boxes hidden away in the back.
More pleasing to visualize going into your fully stocked armory and seeing actual boxes of ammo and not just bullets with a number next to it.

Today this policy could also expand to magazines also.

I’m sure this would be a simple and effective change but I’m an idiot with a keyboard so who knows?

(maybe expand from just boxes to full blown cases of ammo in some kind of rare spawn)(kind of like the ones in dayZ)

It’s literally possible to do this now. Just use the same method as the go bag for the boxes, and use the new item drop system. Just look at the casings itemgroup and the go bag deconstruction recipe.

I actually imagine that this is more or less exactly what we’re supposed to assume is happening when we find ammo.

It’s basically something like the flour/powder thing - we have to assume that the flour for example is in a bag when we take it out of its box - why else would it not mix with other powders when you put it into the same place, making it inedible in the process?

The same probably goes for ammo. we usually find ammo in groups, for example 50 shot of 9mm ammo ; we just have to assume that those 50 rounds of ammo are in a box.
Making something like the Go-Bag for ammo would just be tedious for the player ; you wouldn’t be able to access ammo anymore when it’s basically hidden inside another item, you would have to literally dissassemble the item first to get to the ammo - something that consumes time and is no fun. If you read my posts, you know I’m all for realism, but this isn’t working out in the long run.

What would work out is a small container - a box obviously - which can be filled with (any) rounds of ammo, like a magazine for example. However, the ammo must still be accessible for reloading real magazines or guns, without unecessary unloading/dissassembling. Not sure if you can reload magazines with bullets from other magazines, if you can, great, if not…well, that would be something that needs to be added.

Of course, the Devs could possibly also just add the cardboard box as standard container for bullets, but I’d prefer a method where you can put bullets inside the box too - that won’t happen though, not as long as someone overhauls the inventory system. Sigh.

Could you do some trickery with the code for magazine pouches/containers? I too like the idea of finding varying amounts of ammo, not just clean fresh stacks all the time.