All right, let's get this cleared up: implant-vs-tool charge consumption

As anyone with a love of crafting and implants has noticed, there’s quite a bit of discrepency and disagreement in terms of how charge consumption of implants like the integrated toolset compare to those of stand-alone tools like soldering irons, hotplates and so on: in some cases the implant charge cost is a fraction of the tool charge cost, but can vary from 2/3 all the way to 1/12th of the stand-alone tool’s cost, while others are done on a direct one-to-one ratio - and considering how relatively scarce battery implants are compared to regular batteries (not to mention their tiny capacities per unit) needless to say this can create a problem for implant users who get screwed in terms of charge cost. Therefore I suggest that we establish once and for all an official implant charge conversion ratio and apply the necessary changes to finally get things levelled.

As I see it, there are two methods we can choose:

One-to-one: A single charge of implant power is equal to a single charge of battery power. All crafting recipes that allow for the integrated toolset use the same charge cost between the regular tool and the toolset. All implants that have a function identical to that of a stand-alone tool will use the same charge consumption costs and rates as their stand-alone counterparts. This ratio is simple to remember and unlikely to be broken by contributors who haven’t looked at other crafting recipes and implants to get a feel for their energy cost. This ratio will require a considerable initial investment in labor, however: all implant costs will have to be re-evaluated, including non-bionic.cpp activities like vehicle construction, and bionic batteries will need to have their magnitude increased from 4 points to 25, 50 or 100 (considering that single unit of batteries, basically a pair of AAs, can hold 100 charges, I would suggest using 100 for the new bionic battery value).

Official ratio: We determine and establish an official ratio of bionic charge to tool charge. In looking at various recipes, particularly cooking and misc object crafting, a 1:10 ratio seems to be the most commonly-occurring ballpark figure, though 1:25 also appears several times. Under such a ratio, bionic battery magnitudes would not neccessarily need to be increased and only minor tweaking to bionic costs and recipes would be required. Using such a ratio, however, substantially increase the liklihood of future contributions submitting recipes and bionics not following this ratio (looking at only a few low-cost recipes and figuring a 1:3 or 1:5 cost is fine, for example) and constant monitoring to amend such mistakes will be required.

As for myself, I would suggest using a 1:1 ratio for simplicity’s sake.

Objection: industrial welders do not run on AA batteries. Cata batteries are universal between flashlight (OK, AA might make sense), hotplate, soldering iron, welder, UPS, water purifier, radios, mp3 player, tazer, etc.; the only difference is in capacity and drain. Explicitly stating drain-ratios for external items would help clarify this, but as it is batteries are fairly vague.

Further, other implants also use internal battery charge; the same 7 charges that let one roast meat using one’s hand & a utensil could support 3.5 laser shots, run about 35 turns of sonar, filter the bloodstream twice, etc. Bonus is that the internal batteries can be recharged, whilst external batteries currently just get used up.

I’m in favor of establishing one/multiple ratios for various activities & stating them explicitly; probably in a modding reference or similar.