Align upstairs and downstairs?

This is one setting I haven’t messed with and dont feel like creating and investing into an entire new world to test out, so I’ve come to ask about a very particular part of its description. “, even if this results in uglier maps”.

What part of the map generation will become uglier exactly? Nonsensical floor traversal where you go upstairs but can’t go downstairs because the tile you land on is directly above the tile you were at but doesn’t actually have a downstairs?

Please elaborate as to the effective map changes this setting has power over.

To be honest I always have this setting turned on. The floor layouts make more sense because staircases will be all next to each other like in real life. I dont really know what the “ugly” part is about.

I’m seriously considering it, since the lab subway path I’ve got mapped out is basically useless as transit due to the upstairses of the last three labs I’ve hit having no matching downstairses.

I’m considering it after I went downstairs in one building, then back up the same stairs into a different building.