Alien Invaders Faction

Giant insects, tree-people, mushroom-people, zombies, robots… CDDA has everything. Why not aliens?

Aliens could offer a lot to the game not just by adding to encounter and monster variety, they could also bring with them alien technology, mutations and CBMs, which sounds awfully awesome. An alien anti-gravity hover-craft anyone? Did you ever want to scavenge a crashsite of a flying saucer? Or inflitrate an alien base and defend Terra from outsiders?

What are your thoughts, ideas, suggestions regarding aliens? Would oyu want to see them? Do oyu think they are unnecessary, too much? Do you have favorite aliens you would like to see in-game?

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Could defenitely work as an additional mod.

the Mi-Go’s and the Mycus (Mushroom people) are aliens, but this game could use more enemies that shoot at you that are not robots.

Technically everything but the robots, animals and npcs are aliens, just extra dimensional aliens.

there’s an alien mod on the main japanese wiki, if you feel like translating it?
dunno if it’s any good, haven’t looked into what it contains…

translated link for you

if you want, i can probably translate / fix it up for you

edit: mod contains -
“sharknade”, electric_shark, “scp 247”, Xenomorph Drone, Xenomorph and Facehugger

I wouldn’t think this is a good idea. C’mon when is CDDA gonna draw the line between fun and outrageous??

See the above comment about how the entire game is based around an invading alien blob that zombified the human race.

Yes, but isn’t enough enough

If you don’t want weird sci-fi stuff, just turn it off and stop trying to limit possibilities for others.


Yea, the “smash all the horror movie tropes together” thing is pretty much the core of dda. We DO have a few bright lines, like no psionics and no magic, but if we have 5 different kinds of aliens already, it’s pretty hard to argue that a few more are over some line.

Having said that, some kinds of aliens don’t really fit, like War of the Worlds and ID4, the scale of interaction is all wrong.

I think it could work. Here’s a background idea for some aliens:

When the dimensional event occurred on Earth, a small fleet of exploratory craft were travelling nearby. As their faster-than-light drives utilised these dimensional physics, the event caused them to malfunction and their ships came crashing down to Earth.

The alien survivors are without a means to contact their homeworld, low on supplies, and facing a world filled with unimaginable horrors.

I imagine them working a bit like groups of raiders, but with very different abilities and equipment. This strange world is incredibly hostile to them, and it’s unlikely that they would see the player as any different.

Maybe alien crash survivor could be one of the weirder challenges. You start with some fancy items, but like Churl you cannot learn from books, and human NPCs are always hostile.

That doesn’t fit with the size of the dimensional rifts. They’re big enough for people to walk through, not space craft.

Edit: i mean a rift large enough to suck in a space fleet works both ways. It’s suck out a chunk of the planet with it.

I meant their ships used similar technology. It’s not the same stuff humans messed with but is based on the same physics. The connection between the rifts and their FTL is what causes them to crash.

So their FTL drives are based on transmaterial-relocation? Sounds like portable Enstein-Rosen bridge generator to me.

They might even have teleport-based utility items or weapons. Kill targets by translocating microscopic chunks out of them at a distance. I imagine it as low damage but ignoring armour entirely, probably at a hefty battery cost. :stuck_out_tongue:

Low damage? Teleport a small portion of the heart or cerebral cortex out of a body and it’s instant death. (near instant with the heart. Vtac would take about 30 seconds)

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I did say microscopic. It could be devastating in certain places, but how well do you think you can aim?

I thought psionics had to fit with CDDA, not that it was a hard and fast rule you couldn’t have them. I thought the dislike was in making them something inherent to human beings.