How many units of alcohol is fatal?

I’m having a hard time figuring out how alcohol works because sometimes i’ve drank 10 units of a beer and felt fine, but only 7 units of cabaret and its “dead drunk”. I don’t like suddenly just losing characters out of the blue for something that should have been marked as poisonous, or risky, so how many times can you drink alcohol before it kills you?
how many drinks does each thing take to increase in a level of drunkenness?

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See the “stimulant” value? If it reaches a total of -200 you die. So 4 drinks of cabaret is 0-60-60-60-60= -240 which is lethal, but beer is on,y -20 so four drinks bring you down to -80. It also doesn’t happen all it once it needs to move out of stomach.

Many college students have stood on the very same precipice of uncertainty your CDDA character is perched upon, preparing to dive into the dangerous realm of alcoholic LD50 experimentation. :roll_eyes:

One unit. Just one. A single unit of alcohol is lethal. One wine cooler, one light beer, all will IMMEDIATELY shut your body down and kill you. You are lost among the realistic billions of the Cataclysm…

Beerahol… not even once

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