Alcohol fermentation

It’d be nice to see fruits, veggies, and potatoes fermentable into alcohol.

Craft “pulp” with rocks or something, craft a fermentable solution and pour into barrels, leave somewhere dark or underground, if it comes into light it has a higher chance of making vinegar/methanol over a week or two, and you can use a distiller (two steel jerrycans or metal tanks + piping) to turn it into ‘refined alcohol’. Refined alcohol could be used to make drinks, or used as an ingredient in alcohol recipes while using less units because it’s purer. That and drinking ‘tainted wine’ and ‘moonshine’ has a chance to poison or temporarily blind you or lower perception, treatable with royal jelly.

Skillset could be survival, cooking, and mechanic.

I like the idea!

the alcohol could also be used to clean wounds :smiley:

Must resist moonshining correction.
Must… Not… Correct.

For fermenting it would require a heated tank left alone for quite a few days, opening it or removing heat would stop the yeast from fermenting.
Once it is fermented it needs boiled off to turn it into an actual alcohol, the steam needs to be out through a cooling tube into the collection tank. Then it is alcohol.

Rather tedious but very do-able in cataclysm.

Yeah, it seems like there’s a number of processes which should be set-up-and-leave-running… notably including brewing, rainwater gathering, and farming. I think they’re probably all going to be tricky to implement, based on how the game processes activity over map tiles.

I suggested this a few weeks ago on github. If you want this in-game, might I humbly suggest you pop over there and post comments in the discussion so the Devs know it’d be popular? Or if you have the coding chops, take a stab at it yourself?

I would but I don’t want to learn their shitty habits of coding whilst still learning C. Not to say they are bad coders but I don’t want to be doing things wrong.

I’ve read a very efficient pre-distillation method: You take a bin like a washbin (a tap makes it easier), then you pour in a sugary yeast-laden solution, the just put a lid over it, doesn’t even need to be airtight. In as little as like 3 days, you reach saturation and can drain it an distill it. This method produces horrifically untasty and high-methanol alcohol, but this method is for producing alcohol easily and cheaply for distillation.

Maybe a distiller could use the same frameworks as cars. You build a frame,metal tanks, ‘plumbing’, a heatsink unit on a pipe, a second tank, stuff like that. Then you fill jerrycans with crushed fruit + water, pour into a tank, drop flammable stuff onto the tank, which burns distilling the alcohol. This framework could open-up easier cleansing and personally intensive purifying of water without batteries, and could introduce a mechanic for hotplates, beakers, hydrogen, salt, etc, for more advanced chemistry crafting. If you didn’t split the codework, you could even make a rolling methlab.