Aisle with lights: love, hate & improvement suggestion

i love this new vehicle component: aisle with lights! finally there’s a stationary light source inside for reading and crafting, switchable from the general vehicle control menu.

…and at at the same time i hate it so much for taking up the precious space in a totally illogical, unrealistic way. why can’t we add a floor trunk, a bed, a seat, a box — well pretty much nothing useful i can think of.

and here come the suggestion or a question: could the internal lights be rather implemented as a separate component compatible with most of other passable/transparent parts rather than an “aisle”? we could then use the space, even that one cell for so much more! please?

not to mention that light in bed is realy logical, so many pepole read book before sleep irl

Thought dome lights took care of this? Bit brighter but can be installed anywhere.

I’ve never seen that option in the vehicle install screen.

I’ve never seen that option in the vehicle install screen.[/quote]

Try flashlight to the ceiling–or perhaps dome is the light from veh controls, could be my mistake. Should be an overhead light option via flashlights, in any event.

The Dome light is basically automatically there where the controls are, but you can’t install more of them. It is bright enough for Reading, but it won’t enlighten a big vehicle.
As far as I’m aware, you cannot install simple “indoor lights” (aside from aisle which lights, which prevents you from installing something useful though). However, you can install Atomic Nightlights on ANY tile in the vehicle, making them currently by far the best option for indoor lighting, as they don’t use battery, are always on and on the tile they are installed on illuminate “brightly”.

There probably should be an additional option to install normal flashlights and power them through the car battery though.