Adding blimps, hot air balloons, zeppelins and airplanes

it would be nice to have an alternative aircraft to helicopters. Currently helicopters require a gas turbine engine to run, but having a cheap aircraft propelled by car engine, lawnmower engine and electric motors would be nice. Also blimps would allow more efficient travel in the air and can double as a flying base.

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Having a mobile base inside of a VTOL aircraft like an Osprey would be peak Cataclysm for me.


Some kind of jetpack would also be a cool addition, or a jet suit like what the Dutch marines may soon adopt.

Jet Suit

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Id love to see the play actually use hydrogen gas for this complete with the ability for it to go up in flames. Add an anchor and rope and park this bad boy anywhere.

If autotravel could work in the air then you could just slowly discover new land

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I’ll be v interested to see how this jetsuit works out in combat. It reminds me of a PC who tried using a cloak of flying over a battlefield… He ended up stuck with more feathers than a bird! :upside_down_face:

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If these do become a thing, I’d love to see new threats like flying behemoths or eldrich nightmares patrol the sky. Maybe even in late game

bruh helicopters dont even work, they should be fixed before adding airplanes