Aiming limitations

I’m pretty sure I saw this mentioned somewhere before, but I can’t find that thread/post and it’s really getting on my nerves recently.

Aiming (with weapons or throwing) seems to have some arbitrary limits:
1 - You can’t aim outside of your current sight range, even if you can see the enemy. At night time you’re limited to aiming a single square away unless you have night vision, even if you have lightstrips on the ground everywhere and are being chased by a dozen shocker zombies who are quite easy to see.
2 - You can’t aim anywhere that is obstructed in any way. For example you can’t try to throw a grenade at a smoker zombie, because the smoke prevents you from aiming anywhere near him.

I seem to recall it being different in a previous version, might I ask what the motivation behind this change was?
In some cases it makes sense but I’ve lost a few good characters already in situations where I had the resources and time to easily survive, but the game wouldn’t let me throw explosives or shoot at clearly visible enemies until it was far too late.