Affecting Faction Statuses: Food Supply/ Wealth/Etc

So I noticed that a couple of the factions that I’m friendly with apparently are low on food. Is there a way to donate supplies to a faction? I can’t sell it to them since the merchants have a miniscule volume capacity. I would be more than willing to GIVE them boatloads of food, guns, and CBMs. I have waaay too much of this stuff lying around my deathmobile than I need or truly want (I have a tendency to loot everything that isn’t nailed down, the stuff that IS nailed down, and then the nails as well) and I would prefer to supply my allies than dump it somewhere.

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I think the only way to supply them is to do the quests. I say this because just to see what would happen I completed one of the quest lines specifically the ranch settlement I completed and they survived and even trived after I died. Also something neat is that you get stories for companions who are near you based on their health. If they have broken limbs it says something about them never recovering and living off charity.

Faction status is very poorly developed. They’re basically random values at this point and will stay that way until someone goes and fixes that code.

Does the factions liking/disliking the player character have any effect at all anyway?

Do NPC’s die from starvation etc or something else similar due to lack of supplies?