Advanced item sort mislabel

Version: 0.B-2607 but present for at least a month to my notice.
I thought it had been fixed a long time ago but recent sorting since the piles-of-items-don’t-lag-much edit by Kevin, I’m back to using this sort function and rediscovered the issue.

Advanced itemsorting via / key reveals that [1][2][3] are in fact mapped to keys 789.
Likewise, [7][8][9] are mapped to keys 123.

456 are mapped correctly.

This error does not break the game but when selecting which tile to move items to, I invariably get things reversed.

…I never noticed this. In fact, I just now noticed that my number pad goes
and not the way it is in the Cataclysm screen.

Yeah! I may not have noticed the issue even further back, because previously, I used a laptop that had no numpad. Mine too is:


I assume that is standard, but like I said: I haven’t had a numpad for years.

If it’s the same problem, that was with old custom keybinds clashing with the new default. Shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds to rebind 'em: ? in the advanced inventory screen.

Oh wow I didn’t know there was a keybindings menu for the advanced inventory menu that was any different than changing global keybindings. I was concerned about flipping my movement keys in the process of un-flipping my inventory sorting keys.

Well I feel a little silly now, but much better organized now that my buttons behave properly. Thank you for pointing that out!

Thread done, issue resolved.