Advanced Door/Window interactions

I’ve been playing CDDA for quite a few years now and one thing I’ve noticed is despite all the improvements to stealth with the addition of crouching and going prone your character still opens doors and windows like a wrecking ball alerting everything around you in a large radius. This is fine when I’m playing characters that are armed and ready for combat but I find it frustrating when trying to play any pacifist characters and/or characters with high INT and low DEX/STR.

My proposal is to add a context menu when pressing ‘e’ like it does with window curtains [allowing you to peek through them], and instead give greater control over doors and windows alike with more options; as an example you would press ‘e’ and get a context menu:

  • Open/Close Door FAST_______(50 % Time For Action - 150% Sound Generated)
  • Open/Close Door NORMALLY__(Default Time For Action & Sound Generated)
  • Open/Close Door SLOWLY____(150% Time For Action - 50% Sound Generated)
  • Open/Close Door STEALTHILY_(200% Time For Action - 0% Sound Generated)
  • Set Default Speed____________(Allows the player to set a default Open/Close speed for doors and windows for quick use with ‘o’ and ‘c’ as well as default speed for walking into door or window)
  • Any other options related to Peepholes, curtains, shutters, ect.

Over the years I’ve seen some similar suggestions but they relate to you having to be crouched or prone to stealthily open/close doors and my suggestion would give more control over doors and windows while not being tied to your characters stance.

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I like the idea of having a more variable sound generation by opening doors and windows.
In addition i would suggest that the doors have some differences about sounds aswell. A slightly damaged door could creak more for example. Maybe even a construction task to oil the hinges in your base so that movement through rooms attracts less unwanted attention.

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