Silently open/close doors and windows

I would like to propose adding an ability to open and close doors and windows silently.

This could be implemented in the following ways:

  • Opening doors while crouching makes 3 (6) noise and costs 300 (100) moves.
  • Closing doors while crouching makes 5 (10) noise and costs 270 (90) moves.

Opening and closing windows would follow the same implementation.
This would allow players to sneak around buildings more easily by trading move points for stealth.

This is a simple idea and I have already implemented and tested this on my side but I wanted to see what the community thinks before making a pull request.


This would be essential to me for sneaking through a city, day or night.

Might I also suggest using a proficiency for determining the noise and move cost for silently opening things while crouching. If lockpicking generates sound, also use this proficiency modifier for that while crouching.

Last time that I checked there was a mainlined mod for turning furniture into functional containers that needed to be opened to view the contents, that too could be modified by a proficiency to generate more or less sound while crouching.

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Having proficiency that directly influence the movement system would be a good thing.

Kevin said he will work on an improved movement system in the future so these proficiencies would become even more useful down the road.

If you have ideas for specific movement related proficiencies don’t hesitate to write them here so we can discuss the details. Here are a few ideas that come to my mind:

  • Silent running - running on sure footing takes more movement points but creates less noise.
  • Art of Movement - moving while crouched or proned costs less movement points.

I am not sure if we should have the speed of opening doors and containers silently directly tied to a proficiency. I think it would be more sensible to tie it to dexterity instead for simplicity sake.

Dexterity would be better, and would allow for other factors to determine the speed and noise from stealth, rather than raising a proficiency one time and becoming permanently the best at silently opening doors.

I like the idea of movement proficiency perks, something rewarding to work towards.