Adrenaline basically does nothing

For some reason, adrenaline no longer increases Strength. It gives a -3 to Intelligence and +10 speed. That’s it. It no longer has a crash, either.

And as far as I can tell, this +10 speed does absolutely nothing. Movement speed does not change, nor does dodge or attack speed. It does make you wait 10 turns longer when you pass a turn. So if anything, it makes you slower.

So all adrenaline currently does is give you brain damage for an hour.

Adrenaline removes all pain from your character (+75 speed and 8+ str in bad cases) which was the main reason to use it in the first place.

It removes and prevents winded effect on your character, which means additional +30 speed.

If your stamina was zero when you used it, your stamina will still remain zero and your action speed is lowered severely because of it. The lower your stamina, the longer it takes to do things.

Speed stat simply tells you your speed pool, last action speed is how much is depleted from that pool. Your speed could be 500 and you wouldn’t notice a difference in your last action speed or walk speed modifier etc.

So I’d say it’s still pretty good.

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