Adding Test Only JSON?

Struggling to debug the weird error with [my mutation triggers overhaul], I decided to move on for now and start writing tests. I need to add a set of dummy mutations in order to test the diffrent trigger types (no current real mutations for all of them) but have a couple questions about doing so.

  1. What does setting the field: debug= true actually do? (Is it just a marker or do they get tossed out for actual games?)
  2. Is there a spot/convention for where to add them? I don’t really want to clutter up mutations.json with dummy data.
  3. Confirm that adding them won’t cause any issues so long as they are valid JSON and, I set: valid=false, debug=true, profession=false
  1. This appears to be used to set the color, and I don’t see really much else.

  2. There is a test mod that is always automatically loaded for tests, I’d stick it there.

  3. As long as you add them to the test mod, you don’t need to worry about this, they cannot appear in someone’s game.

@anothersimulacrum Thanks, didn’t know about the test mod. Having that solves all my worries (about that at least).