Add a game help forum

I think we need to separate general discussion from a help forum. getting started posts are getting lost on here. These forums are getting very active. new players really need help to get into the game. its not exactly newbie friendly.

good idea

i’ve seen a few lets play and this game seems very interesting, however really not sure how to get it running properly

i couldn’t see any install instructions - are there any? (I Didn’t see any on the wiki)

i downloaded and ran “cataclysm-tiles.exe” and the game seems to start but in a very tiny window (its a 2560x1440 monitor so i get that) but it won’t fo full screen - is this even possible?

then i saw the post about compiling - do i even need to do that? Is that optional and if so does it give something extra or what? Anyway, i had a go and ran the resulting .exe. file and it seems to be the same as i previosuly mentioned

i really think there ought to be something for new players like “Do this to run the game” with some step by step instructions on what to do and tips on getting it to run full screen etc etc


EDIT: just had a look at the wiki again - in the download sections there is no explanation of SDL or GDI - not sure which one i should choose (for win7/64bit) - again not very user friendly

We don’t have dynamic resizing, you can adjust window size in the options menu under the interface tab, viewport width and viewport height. Adjust these options and restart. You’ll need to tweak it for your screen size.

I agree completely on this, also I wish there was a program that makes a profession because it gets annoying to add my profession to the new build. The only reason I like to keep updating is i like the features that are added.

also what would be the height and width for a 1024x768 screen?