Acorns, the Super Food

All you guys are talking about how OP acorns are, but you havnen’t talked about pine nuts yet, availible year round with 202 calories if cooked…

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pine trees however die when harvested, means you’ll need to find new forrests to keep a steady supply, also in less quantity than acorns

Yeah, that’s the ridiculous part, wonder why you can’t just take the cones off instead, because boughs are only good for superglue and makeshift shelters tbh, plus they’re like 1 L of volume which makes boughs even more annoying, especially since the harvesting prioritizes the boughs instead of nuts…

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pine needle tea is pretty good and boughs are required for some faction camp upgrades.\

however i don’t understand why pine trees die when harvested. i mean you only take off a few boughs and the tree must be pretty tall and dense. perhaps just break a few branches not actually tear down the whole tree


Yeah, I didn’t think about the tea, but still you can just harvest some herbs or be balm for that, plus super glue is used alot for mechanics and fabrication, so just got a little pretentious about usefullness…

(JFC just had a heartattack because I thought I forgot that I worked today… Good thing I don’t, lol.)

Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything…

pine boughs are way easier to get than herbs as they spawn randomly through forage. i think you only need some survival skill book and some survival to make it and it has healthy food flag i think plus provides plenty of quench and morale

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I think it’s just a placeholder mechanic so you can’t keep harvesting the same tree over and over. It needs an intermediary “harvested pine tree” step, one which will grow back in a season. Or you could harvest it again and then it would be a “dead pine tree.”

Makes no sense. The amount of cones or apples on a tree does not affect the tree’s survival. The second phase would better be called ‘strip the poor tree of its bark and branches and leave it to die in the woods’. THEN it would really be dead.

(i mean that peeling bark off the tree is not really harvesting, is it? harvesting is more like picking plums or whatever this tree grows as fruit, imho)


yes it might be a balance issues but i do think it needs rework. make it work once a season, or year. and make low yields since you cant really reach the top of the tree without some ladder. an option for having more boughs should be chopping down the tree, not sure if in present chopping pine trees yields pine boughs

Other trees don’t die when u harvest them.
So it’s probably a leftover from when foraging was less devlopped. It could be changed to not die .

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Soooo…this and the latter?

I know. Shameless. But I did make these for the purpose of consolidation =D
Which reminds me. In the back of that book I have been meaning to post a few pages of. They have fairly detailed charts of nutritional value of much of what is commonly foraged. I keep forgetting about that. I’ll do it after I finish my pizza :wink: