Acid bomb damage

I tried throwing an acid bomb on a skeletal juggernaut with little effect. So I tried using it on an ordinary zombie in debug mode. It took several turns of walking around in the acid pool for my test subject to die. Also, unlike a player stepping in an acid pool, it seems like a monster stops receiving acid damage as soon as it exist the pool.

I think I’ll stick with molotov cocktails for killing skeletal and kevlar zombies.

I’m not sure what bug your trying to report here… Could you specify what you’re expecting to happen?

perhaps acid bombs should have a pseudo explosive effect to emulate acid splattering around. that way they can be made to do a more useful amount of damage.

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Just having a DoT acid burn effect would improve their usefulness tremendously. Kind of like how the player takes constant damage when an acid Z pukes on you.

I’m not sure what bug your trying to report here

It’s not that it’s a bad thing. It’s just what it is. One advantage that acid has over molotov, I guess, is that you can stand next to a pool of acid without taking damage. I guess you can create a long walkway of acid from a zombie to you to whittle it down before engaging in melee.

acid bombs aren’t like molotovs. there is no “explosion” since there is no combustion involved. it deals about as much damage as breaking a full bottle of beer on somebody’s head.
plus acid only damages the full body if its splashed on it, whereas walking into acid only damages the feet

you honestly shouldn’t expect to be able to cheese juggernauts though. unless you use a tank or mininuke, those things are designed to be able to soak up a few hits