Achievement "What are they hiding?" doesn't trigger?

Hello dear survivors!

I am trying to get the “What are they hiding?”-Achievement so I can start with the scenario “Challenge - Lab patient” and I don’t want to turn off the meta-score. I started as a shower-victim on a really bad day and had a lot of fun, bought a Science ID card from my dear friends at the Hub and went straightforward to the next lab, opened it, cleared it and jackhammered the wall to what I was thinking would be the lab finale. But while I was grabbing all the precious stuff I noticed that I still didn’t get the achievement. Overmap says it is a “Lab” - it has only one storey underground which is named “science lab”. I could continue on the subway to the next Lab but I was wondering if the achievement is maybe buggy or if it only triggers in very specific labs. So: Isn’t this supposed to be a lab finale?


In this room I found the “anti-materiel turret schematics” and there is no other storey. So I thought it must be the lab_finale??


This is an overmap “lab”, ie it’s a 4x4 Lab that you access via elevator.

That Achievement only seems to happen in the old style labs - the randomized variants that you can find under the surface “Science Labs” (the ones that a protected ID card door and a turret on the surface on the hallway that leads to the stairs or the same sort of “Science Lab” that you find underneath Research Facilities.)

So no, that is not a “lab finale” that is required, but yes, reaching the “final floor” / the deepest floor of any given “Science Lab” (Old-Style Lab / Random Generated Rooms Lab).

EDIT: Editing to reflect a later post / clarifying what I meant above, poorly worded.

Thank you very much! Is this behaviour intended? It is a little bit confusing if you don’t want to spoiler too much and only read that you have to find a lab finale to get this achievement.

If I am not mistaken (it’s been a while since I played, and the last time I played I used Debug for testing a few things), the Achievement is related to reaching the deepest level in a Science Lab, and not a Finale Room. (I should’ve made that clear in my first post, which I will edit to reflect this).

EDIT: Personally, I’d turn off the “meta” thing. I see no purpose for it other than being an obstruction for players who are wanting to start in whichever scenario they want to play in.

I’ve seen/read claims of it being a feature to ease new players into the game, but I don’t think that is the correct way to go about it, as it is possible that many scenarios will remain “locked” for many players. But I digress :slight_smile: