About disarming traps

I’ve noticed that, everytime I disarm a shotgun trap or a crossbow trap, I get the weapon and the string, but not the ammo. I dont want to disable traps with my face to get crossbow bolts

not the face, use your monsters!

I’m another fan of the facial disarm.

can’t get crossbow bolts or shotgun ammo from traps without setting them off
uses light step trait, 10 dex 10 per minimum-- can never set off traps by stepping on them.
attempt to disarm shotgun trap, traps 5-- shot in the face like a boss, still alive-- clothes not even scratched.
True story. There’s an idea.
I’m going to make an EOD Tech in honour of that guy-- I think he ended up bleeding out from a bear attack in about 6 turns from full hp.
Primary weapon: Pyromania, explosives, traps
Secondary: Rifles, handguns, bashing.
High dex, int and perception. Dex for finicky wires, int for knowing which colour to cut, perception for noticing IEDs and landmines.

We should really have a colourblind negative trait-- and disarmament of some explosives requires the cutting of a coloured wire.

“Iosyn cut the red wire…”
“What the fuck is red?”

Why I ask is it always the red wire? To hell with this, all my bombs from now on are made a dozen different shaded red wires.

As an alternative why cant we throw things into traps to set them off? Throwing (or even swinging) a big stick into a bear trap should set it off.

Colorblind traits literally disabled anything, anywhere in the game, from displaying in color. Haha.