A thing like mario maker

I just think a building generator tool would be quite nifty…

Simply it just looks like cataclysm except empty space and you have a paintbrush to make pretty much any building…

You could even designate where they can spawn and the direction they always face, kinda like spawning in forests, in fields, on the river, at the end of a road, or in town.

mark tiles for what could actually spawn there, and more goodies.

Place spawn rate of certain monsters on the entire building, and marking certain spots for enemys to spawn exactly there…

-sleeper units, units that only activate when they become inside vision, or adjacent, or even just attacked.

There’s a sticky in the lab with this exact kind of thing.


There needs to be a useful tools thread

And a make your own house thread, where people make their houses, and all of them could be compiled into a mod “Homes Of The People” mod :stuck_out_tongue: