Custom maps, and world-gen toggles for all enemies and buildings

I’m sure this rambling chunk of suggestions is mostly repeated (or already planned) material, but I felt like typing a bit (mahahaha!)… I know our devs are busy with a terrifying backlog and don’t really expect any of this to be added (any time soon, at least), but… Let the ramble commence! :wink:

  1. On/Off toggle in Options for each enemy in the game, plus a rate scaling factor for enabled enemies to make them more common (or overwhelming, or ‘The Last Buffalo’ scarce). Also, being able to enable some kind of “Spawn Everywhere!” option for each desired enemy type would be awesome too. The biggest (first) problem I see here is the super-spoilery nature of a complete in-game list of creatures… You could separate wildlife and common zombies into one area and rarer spoilery stuff into another, and put a couple “This contains spoilers, are you sure!?” “You’re REALLY, REALLY SURE?!” prompts :wink:

With this feature we could flood the world with a single enemy type (turkey everywhere!!), or use the Spawn Everywhere bit to bring rarely seen enemies out into the world. You could also use this to play in an NPCs-only world (a terrifying and dangerous world where flamethrower duels happen at 3:44am right outside your safehouse window)…

  1. Map-gen toggles for buildings/structures (including ant hills, etc), and a rate scaling factor for each enabled building type :> I wouldn’t mind playing a world with sporting goods, gun shops and pawn shops, megastores, libraries, medical offices and hospitals all disabled, for difficulty :>

  2. I’d really like some kind of change that would keep buildings from disappearing because an enemy type was disabled :open_mouth: Maybe a system that would spawn an alternate enemy type in a building if its regular/vanilla residents are disabled (while maintaining overall challenge value)…

  3. Limited sized maps! Easiest way I (as someone who knows nothing about coding) see to do it would be to first generate a 2-map-tile-wide border of “nuclear wasteland” tiles (where walking across tile 1 will kill you, no matter what, so tile 2 isn’t necessary, BUT ITS THERE ANYWAY) :> And then generate whatever desired map size inside that border… It’d be great for challenge maps and map-sharing… I’d love to see how long I could survive on a 4x4 or 2x2 sized map with limited resources and dynamic spawning on :slight_smile:

  4. Player-made maps! You can already do this with the in-game wizard mode (you can use it to build structures and place items inside those structures, and spawn enemies… I couldn’t ask for more!)…

I’d also like to see an “official” community-planned DDA map, that features at least one of every building in the game in a condensed style (and would be updated with new buildings and features as they were implemented)… A map like this would be good for tutorial purposes :> My suggestion for town name is ‘Frownhurst’ :wink:

tl;dr: Finer manipulation of specific enemy spawns and map-gen elements would be awesome :slight_smile: And tiny/limited maps are good. And player-created scenario-maps are also good… :slight_smile:

Nice ideas!