A set of Ideas added over time

Sure lets add it so you can craft power armor, what do you think the requirements should be?

I’d say 10 elec, 10 fab, 10 mech, high computer skills, some first aid, and the facility is at the bottom of a military bunker, full of soldiers, grenadiers, and bio operators of course. Some wearing power armor themselves.

For an over sized suit you would need at least twice the material for a regular suit, and would have to go gather a lot of resources. Seeing as you can’t just tear a circuit board apart and add it to another to make it bigger, got to extend/create all the internal circuits.
What special tools will be added to the game to work on the suit, can’t use a basic welder won’t work for that armor addition, basic solder iron won’t work for the micro connections, and since it would most likely be based on optical connections, not at all.

So many other things to consider that would be needed, not sure if it would be worth the effort for players to make a suit that far into the game to fit their god like mutant cyborg.

I don’t think the circuit boards would need adjusting as they contain mostly control and utility function so they wouldn’t need an increase the size of them. That and you wouldn’t need micro connections you could just deal with normal connections. That and a personalized one would be more like a walking car than a suit of armour. So it shouldn’t take too much work maybe a few days most provided you have the plans for it ready and the tools and materials for it too. But I agree the advanced ones like the power armor and the hauling frame would need advanced tools. But a home made one isn’t too difficult in fact some of the ones like them today just have basic circuits for control. So it should be possible to make a ghetto suit of power armor and even stronger with bigger motors and solar panels.

You need the circuits to be made bigger since the suit is bigger, the data needs to get from point A to point B somehow.
I thought we were talking the armor that is in game, the complete body suit that provides environmental protection and all that, makeshift “power” armor, well ya you can throw together a big clunky slow moving thing with gears, toss a steam engine on it, or an electrical one with copper wire connecting the circuits, toss an electric engine on it, and the solar panels, get to move a square every couple turns maybe.
Don’t think the OP meant makeshift armor that is, powered, by something, but that is a thing that could be added.

Actually the circuits themselves can just have more wire soldered to them so as to increase their reach so they can stay in the same area of the suit… or you could just cluster the circuits in one area and just lengthen the wires leading to the motors and utilities in the helmet.

I’m pretty sure making your own power armour would be a hard no. The control systems are just too complex for survivor-grade manufacturing.

Modifying an existing suit to fit with a pair of horns or a tail, something small like that, might be doable, but you would then be ruining your acid/electrical/environmental protection.

Control systems could be difficult depends on how their made but literally anyone can make a printed circuit with the right tools and a control circuit is just that(basic tools for circuit making is acid, a resistor(like asphalt) and a soldering iron). So if someone had the know how and tools to make a radio they could also make the control circuits however those circuits are useless with out proper coding just like a computer is. Then it’s just a matter of hooking it up to a computer for coding and then installing it on the machine. They do this stuff in factories all the time. Then you just need the utilities and their circuits and you are set. And as for the modding for extra limbs you can just weld some armour on top of the hole to cover you tail/horn/hooves. So modding isn’t impossible it’s just difficult and costly and time consuming.

to be fair you can play as a military member so saying your not skilled enough as a survivor is not fully accurate and i would say you cant do it like on the go i more saying a special blueprint and a workbench. know would the workbenches for the power armor be like the auto doc that can’t be built maybe personally i would say people should be able to make them but high end things like a auto doc would need rare parts blueprints and high skill so its going to be hard to make them on your own and its likely most people will just try to use premade. and ok i would say a salvage and easy to mod power armor would exist but i feel that since the mutations were lab made someone would have made power armor ideas at the least for the mutations. i mean beast mutation with power armor? military would love that and since it does not always affect the mind a soldier that willing is mutated would still be loyal

I mean, you’re right, to an extent. A trained member of the military or even highly skilled civilian might possess the knowledge required to craft these things.

I almost want to agree with you, given some of the tech that’s available in-game, and some of which we can craft. However there’s a major difference between survivor-crafted items and machine-made perfection. Power Armor would be something created in a highly controlled environment with a lot of specialized machinery. I 100% think that’s beyond the scope of even the most advanced player character.

Now, what I COULD see is creating a building with all that highly sophisticated equipment, creating an NPC or faction with the skills to manufacture such things, and then offering a quest line that leads to the player ‘creating’ their own power armor. Treat 'em like the Brotherhood of Steel. For the right commitment and price, you are rewarded.

This train of thought could also open the door for ‘mutation-friendly’ power armors, since they’re being manufactured, though I believe the inability to use power-armor is part of the balance that is brought to the mutation system.

Just my thoughts. I don’t expect such a thing to be implemented.

yeah i would say some sort of device is need to make the armor or do heavy changes (with players able to added minor customization.) but there is not need for the no power armor debuff for mutations they often have their own debuffs. like spider can’t eat anything but meat let alone the whole npcs problems. they have their own built in debuffs so a power armor dubuff is not needed
also any one have any problems with being able to change and mod the basic normal armor? like plate armor

No military grunt would have the skills to modify power armour. For that matter, you would probably need a specialist just to get it started and calibrated for a specific person. If you wanted to modify it you would definitely need special people and equipment, some idiot with a soldering iron and some steel plates wouldn’t have a chance of putting together the complex sensors you would need to detect movement properly and not snap the wearer’s spine in half.

Even then, i don’t think mutants need power armor and there’s really no reason why they should. Normal armour should be fine, but again it would need to be extra encumbering or less protective.