A quick question about certain quests in the game

I’ve seen some posts somewhere mention endgame etc and wondered is that anything to do with completing the Hub or Old Guard questlines?

I know usually endgame refers to when your character is extremely powerful and hard to kill. I just wondered if through doing either of them quests like for example I am on the Hub quest where I have to visit a broken tower and go into the basement to retrieve an item.

From all I’ve seen in this game there doesn’t appear to be a set end game quest at all. The quest I mentioned within the spoilers seemed pretty “serious” so I just wondered if I was rushing too far ahead for my 5 day old character.


Finishing the quest lines isn’t easy, but I don’t think they’ve got a time limit.

The locations I was directed to were quite distant, though, so getting there without a vehicle capable of smashing through zombie hordes clogging up streets in the many towns you can’t skirt around on the way to the targets is a deterrent in itself.

In general, if a quest seems to be too difficult for your character it probably is. Take your time. In some cases it might be possible to “probe” a quest and back off if it seems too hard.

One of the quest lines end with a vaguely quest like mentioning that’s supposedly related to some end gamish level thing you may encounter at some time (much) later.

I can’t really understand how you’d be able to even perform the quests performed in 5 days, as the two locations are 1-3 days away by foot in different directions (assuming you knew in which direction to walk and where the bridges crossing rivers are), and their targets are similar distances away (in my game).
I waited quite a long time with the quests involving attacking and killing, and think that was a good choice.

Any quest involving going to an underground location infested with monsters is dangerous, but can be handled with training, equipment, and luck (there’s always the risk of descending down stairs and immediately get grappled and pounded to death before you can try to retreat).

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you can peek downstairs before delving

I agree that “endgame” is used here mostly for locations that have high monster density and/or evolution. And the Hub one is definitely that, even on surface - I would strongly advice against attempting it. Old Guard’s less so but still challenging, you’d need a crapton of ammo to safely go even the part way through that.
“endgame” doesn’t mean you can’t do those locations with 5 days old char, you technically can. It just mean the attempt will almost definitely most probably not-quite-but-very-close-to-100% guarantee your death.

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Started with STR 14. ripped off an M249 and got the ammo. Came across a crashed Osprey with multiple Bio-Operators. Had 300 ammo for an M4A1+5 in the first day.

I keep getting so tempted to do all these missions but this is why I’m probably failing just in the last hurdle, that character died as I was doing the Graboid quest for the old guard. Despite being well equipped I thought, screwed up for sure.

I think it’s a good thing that you actually have to spend some time and effort to build up your character and get equipment before tackling hard tasks (quests or sites), rather than be lucky at day 1 and find the ultimate boss killer with unlimited ammo and then breeze through the game world.

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I agree, I hadn’t been rushing through the game or anything. That 5 days took me about 3 days in real life. Spent the majority of the time kiting zombies near garages and Lumbermills so I couuld break in and get tools etc.