Attempts to memorize serums and mutagens recepies

My character with intellegence 9 crafted 25 liters of bird mutagen, but still can’t memorize the recepie from a book. (I’m using an exeprimental verison from late of May 2019)
I realize that it is hard, but do we have some approximate estimates on what average volume of mutagen/serum shoud I craft to learn the recepie?
I’ve managed to learn plant serum and troglobite mutagen, and it took less than 25 liters, IIRC. And cattle serum was also a hard case, character prepared alot of it, more than 20 liters IIRC, and still failed to memorize the recepie.

Many electronics recepies are easier to memorize because character can craft and disassembe the item multiple times.

It’s always seemed pretty random to me. You might just be unlucky.

It’s kinda random but I think focus has a part to play.

I have a weak nerdy labcoat-wearing guy who specifically recruits NPCs to add them to his growing army of mutants that fight for him who crafts a TON of mutagen and purifier to get the trait combination right for melee wrecking machines and still hasn’t memorized all of them. Give it time.

do you need to have the mutant NPC mod to be able to mutate them?

I believe the mod only makes it so that random NPCs that spawn in the wild will already have mutations. Haven’t really played without it but you should still be able to give an NPC a syringe to hold onto and then tell them to specifically use mutagen like you would a food item or otherwise.

Serum they’ll use without a whole lot of trust in you due to it not being a food item and basically a tool but simple mutagen will require them to trust you a bit from my experience due to them consuming the item and how the whole trust system factors in to whether or not an npc will consume something based on how enjoyable it is(mood buff or debuff)

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Focus matters, but the duration of the crafting is the major factor. The longer the recipe takes, the more likely you are to memorize it. It’s ludicrously difficult to memorize very quick crafting recipes at the moment.

After ~40 liters of bird mutagen crafting, I’ve managed to learn the recipe! (thanks to my “bird farm”);
raptor and chimera recipes are also memorized.
The next challenge is to memorize recipe for lizard serum. The only source of reptile eggs I know is foarging at the forest in spring or summer, but reptile eggs are rare.

Rattlesnake farm is your friend. Don’t do too much damage and will eventually grow large enough to be sustainable. They don’t lay eggs as often as chickens but unless you want to forage for an eternity I suggest cobbling one together if you plan on using a lot of reptile eggs.

Sewer gators can lay eggs too I’d imagine but I don’t know how suicidal you are in raising them and making a farm out of them. Then again, a moat or two around your base filled with gators that doubles as defense and an egg/meat farm isn’t a bad deal.