A idea for a single city

i think it would be a cool idea for one will always spawn city. The capital city. not only could this be used for a central story and lore but could have some really cool stuff like a game version of a capital building like the USA white house and a government bunker (for who ever led the country) and you could try to enter and for diffrent reasons. are you trying to see if leader/s are still among the living? to kill them? to live in the bunker or just loot it? what about the potential command center and any of the cool experment weapons and gear in it? tons of thing that could be done here

My opinion on this is that, there is not a finite amount of world that the game generates. It never ends. But, it is essential that there is as much realism as possible. I would not suggest a capital city for an infinite world, but instead generate larger, perhaps alternative themes for these cities.

i go more with alternate world versions and that have ended and that new england is a island