A few things I learned today about auto-eat and auto-drink

Got lucky with some code diving today so thought I should share since the usual responses to why it’s not seeming to work tend to be… vague…

So here are some bounds I noticed while skimming some code:

  • Anything with enjoyability below -5 will be ignored by both.
  • Anything with fewer than 50 kcal will be ignored by auto-eat.
  • Anything ‘disgusting’ will be ignored. Though if you are a canibal potted freak is on the auto-menu.
  • Anything under quench of 15 is ignored by auto-drink.
  • Alcohol is ignored… unless you are hooked in which case auto-booze it up.

There are some cases I skipped like you can’t eat/drink a lot of frozen things. I didn’t see restrictions around containers… well excepting the usual of liquids needing to be contained… you can’t use auto-* to lick up some spilt milk.

The cannibal bit was a specific example to something that looks more generic. Basically if you have a trait that lets you enjoy eating something others wouldn’t dare to, you can auto-eat/drink it, assuming the other checks are passed.

This was a rather minimal skim of some code so there could be other bounds or maybe a misunderstanding of what the code actually does. Though actually having some bounds to check against has helped me a bunch.

This is for the latest experimental btw. YMMV on other versions.