A few questions about modding new locations

  1. Trying to add new locations in a mod, is there a reference of some sort for all of the possible colors for overmap tiles?

  2. What does the "SIDEWALK" flag do for "overmap_terrain" types in the jsons?

  3. What does "extras" : "build" do for "overmap_terrain" types?

  4. Is it possible to have artifacts spawn in json locations?

  1. I don’t know.

  2. SIDEWALK spawns a bunch of sidewalk tiles at any connection point between a map and road.

  3. “extras” tells the game how to spawn things like minefields, drug deal remains etc… If you set “extras”: to “field” on a building map, extras might override parts of the map, creating things like weird minefields inside buildings. See homeimprovement_superstore for an example.

  4. I think a few maps in chaosvolt’s Arcana mod have artifacts in them. Nope. If you’re okay with non-random homemade artifacts, you can make you’re own using the same method Random_Dragon is using in Arcana.