A few bug reports

Windows SDL Version 0.A stable. Found a few bugs while playing. I checked GitHub and these are the one’s I couldn’t find:

Fat zombie corpses do not leave a blood splatter when smashed (skeletons don’t either, but that makes sense).

When spitter zombies spit acid, the game freezes briefly.

Enemies which are semi-passive will remain non-hostile even when you attack them. For example shooting wasps from ~10 tiles away doesn’t make them come and attack you. Also fungaloids do not attack at all, even in melee (although this may be intentional).

Bee stings are used in certain crafting recipes (wood arrow shaft, wood spearfishing spear), but wasp stings are not.

Attaching an extended magazine to a gun results in the gun’s description being blank except for the name of the gun, which is shown twice. The gun can still be used normally and removing the mod fixes the description.

If a vehicle with a petrol engine has all the neccessary parts except for a battery, you can reverse even though the game says “the engine won’t start” and you can’t drive forwards.

Also, all vehicles decelerate instantly when using cruise control.