[0.7 Lindqvist] Basic build impressions. Common compiling bugs

First I want to thank Kevin and the team for freeing up time to deal with individual issues people’ve had playing the game, and granting some wishes (items etc.) in the way. I can sense the whole.
I did some compiling of my own without changing the game files, but have also downloaded the complete (meaning, the first one out there) SDL build for Windows and have had my vintage PC run it, and I’ve noticed some glitches that need to be addressed.
I measured the loading times for the first load of the vanilla game, and it’s some 20% slower than before. Also did some additional tasks to ensure it’s a valid statement.
Another thing that suprised me was that whilst we got 1024 items (lines), the actual text that described the items as seen from the Advanced inventory management lost its formatting. I guess you’ll try and blame the internationalization thing that’s been going on, but items on the {I} screen are displayed properly.
Also, there is a bug that’s already appeared in 0.4 CataDDA; when you press ESC to leave the item description screen, the box edges don’t clear until you enter/exit inventory once more. I feel you’ve trying to emulate GDL via SDL; please don’t. Also, another similarity to the 0.4 would be that the lower border for the box just isn’t shown.
Can and will try to skip speed issues. I had the most concern playing the game over these, and just wanna say that the initial edge that was introduced with SDL is well, just gone. Still, default (TTF set to 12x12 screen W/H) is still very smooth.
The first real glitch I’ve noticed was when I set some two or three fires to cut me some slack as I stumbled upon a dozen and a half of them. One of them just skipped a square in one turn and went into the fire. I was further suprised to see a zombie cop strafe around an “L” shaped fire I’ve set as a barricade. That didn’t suprise me as much as the fact that the two zombies (one regular and one other zombie cop) I’ve rounded off just to meet the ones I was just talking 'bout dissapeared in plain sight when I went back to that location. I almost always, just like in this case, play on Static setting; they weren’t there anymore.

I’m sure it means more to us than you, but anyways - thanks for many pots and full car battery storages. :slight_smile: