A "campaign" mod

I wish I had the patience to do this…

Create an actual campaign/plot. The lone survivor, needs to find the cure to the zombie virus, close the gates, whatever.

Building a base will be imperative to the plot,something that will get attacked over time.

You would be required to travel to remote survival enclaves/factions, and forge alliances.

Ending with a grueling multi level dungeon / tower thing to close the gate / find the cure, etc.

And preferably less corny than the above.

I’ve made a few suggestions regarding how to make a real “base” work (most recent being the one about a second reality bubble for the base), which would be the first step in any such thing as you’re suggesting, and faction and improved NPC interactions are certainly desired by the devs (from what I’ve seen and read).

Certainly, having some optional late-game goals built in to the game would be nice.

That said, I’ve seen official statements that no “undo” is planned or ever desired by the devs - the world has been changed, and there’s no “fixing” it, no “win” condition. Personally, I’d like there to be some way to “win” against at least one faction, though (say, perma-killing all the fungus, maybe).

Yeah, I dont need, nor even want an “end/win”, just a challenge that will require a significant increase ion power, that builds on the previous achievements to succeed

actualy we have already some storyline missions what are much WIP and some complete random missions from random (and sometime starting) npc, probaly there will be missions to assist factions in creating better communities, not sure how player faction will look in future