.50CAL M2 Browning HMG not registering when mounted

So if I install a A7 laser rifle as a turret on my vehicle, I can configure it, and it will automatically fire. I can also do this with many other HMG’s and LMG’s as is the norm. But when mount my M2 Browning HMG on my vehicle I can’t configure it and it doesn’t fire automatically, and I can’t manually aim it either, is this a bug? Or is there something I am missing? The build I am currently playing in is 8d4bbbd.

Apparently it needs ammo to be usable (no message is given, seems like a bug). Put some suitable ammo on the turret vehicle part and try again.

Yeah I tried that, I kind’ve abandoned this thread cause I looked and realized to make the M2 into a turret I have to build a turret engine and frame and make it into a turret that way.