Crows II turret I made not loading ammo

I made a M249 Crows II turret and when I place it down it doesn’t load ammo from my inventory despite the description saying it would. The turret itself is working, it normally says “hostile detected” and it tries to shoot.

Did you just drop the turret or did you 'activate it from your inventory to place it? If you activated it, I think it’ll automatically take any compatible ammo directly from your inventory & shouldn’t need loading. So make sure you only have a such ammo in your inventory as you are willing to spare for the turret & leave any extra for personal use elsewhere until after you deploy the turret. (I could very well be wrong - I haven’t deployed a turret in ages.)

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Nvm I’m just an idiot lmao. I presumed I need the whole ammo belt when I need the 5.56 bullets alone
And yeah I activated it. Thanks for answering