40MM grenade errors

DEBUG : item id 40mm_flechette is unknown (in item in ammo_launcher_grenade)

FUNCTION : virtual void Single_item_creator::check_consistency(const string&) const
FILE : src/item_group.cpp
LINE : 122

DEBUG : starting ammo 40mm_frag of monster mon_chickenbot is unknown

FUNCTION : void MonsterGenerator::check_monster_definitions() const
FILE : src/monstergenerator.cpp
LINE : 1090

And a error that causes a crash when attempting to look at a weapon that uses 40MM grenades.

DEBUG : Tried to get invalid ammunition: 40mm

FUNCTION : const T& string_id::obj() const [with T = ammunition_type]
FILE : src/ammo.cpp
LINE : 48

DEBUG : Tried to set invalid ammo of undefined-NULL for 40mm pipe launcher

FUNCTION : item& item::ammo_set(const itype_id&, int)
FILE : src/item.cpp
LINE : 434

It sounds like you need to update your game, these were fixed recently.

My version is version 10020. They are still happening.

You are using some outdated third party mod. I suggest you not using it.

Welp. Finding the mod is a issue I suppose. But thanks.

Look for ammo “40mm” and replace it with “40x46mm”.

It is most probably PKs Rebalance.