3D visualizer

This is a simple visualizer in form of an SDL/OpenGL window that renders the map as boxes in a 3d space.

github: https://github.com/CIB/Cataclysm-DDA/tree/3d









mmmmmmm sexy graphics :slight_smile:

In the end it should not be too hard to make a playable 3D-vision-version, just old school style blockwise movement like Wizardry/Realms of Arkania.

This is very cool.
So SDL 1.2 can have multiple window if it run in another thread?

I… don’t think so. Going to have to port it to 2.0 for use with TILES.

I see.
Are you going to do that port? :slight_smile:

this + proper z levels. drool

[quote=“utunnels, post:6, topic:2215”]I see.
Are you going to do that port? :)[/quote]

Well, I just did, but only for my own renderer.

Youtube video updated with my horrible spoken english. =3

Oh wow, surprisingly nice on my eyes while maintaining the original text so I don’t have to re-learn anything. I’m a stickler for oldschool so I’ll probably keep using the original 2D version but this was surprisingly refreshing to see.

reminds me of Mode 7 for RPG Maker, now if we could combine this with a tile set, the fan base would quadruple!

could we take code from the dwarf fortress visualizer and adapt it to Cataclysm?

I just love the depth perception here and here… that’s something for a demo. There’s already enough content to put on a show-off on the Tubes… I can already hear the dubstep tune behind it.

If it’s anything like the 3D for GearHead2, it’ll lag my tower enough to make the game unplayable. But that was 3D + sprites.

Very cool.

I do like the change in camera angle for when in a car.

But I still like my top down ASCII squares. I hope that the 3D visualizer is finished and looks nice (no point in cursing a good idea) but I just hope that the default is squares, not cubes. I mean, we dont want some game critic complaining that we are just a minecraft rip off.

What I’d like this the most for, if it doesn’t become an optional viewing system, is as a tool to view and create buildings for the map once Z-Levels are in place. Seems like it would be a fantastical visualizer for that purpose :slight_smile:

You’d care about that? Because I wouldn’t. Visualizing a roguelike with z-levels will inevetible look like minecraft(well… MORE blocky, in fact), though it’d be arrogance to assume that minecraft has dibs on that visual style.

Anyway, a lot of people like ASCII, so that won’t go away anytime soon. And tiles will probably be the bigger contestor anyway.


Well dwarf fortess looks more like mc since you can actually mine.

I’m sorry, but Nintendo64 already had dibs. :slight_smile:
What this really is, an opportunity to haul artwork the game is set to have at some point. You can even have pseudo-3D on open world terrain, like isometry, or just leave it as-is for the time being - the actual locations may have to be depicted and wrapped in textures. Just imagine entering a town, arriving from an arid wasteland and there it is - smoke and the smell of decay, with zombie polygon-drawn carcasses grunting.