3d tileset plans


I’ll check it out and see how it feels, I’m not worried about computer specs though I have a pretty high end rig.


Yes, yes of course, but CDDA real or first advantaje in front of DF is that it is free software. And for example CDDA json data files are better than close and non standard files. Because these reasons it is better Goxel than magicavoxel.


magicavoxel is free too, its just not open source however I’m still going to use magicavoxel, i like the shortcuts and overall interface more then the what i saw with goxel, there are also shortcuts which will speed everything up for me without having to constantly navigate the UI, plus both can be used together anyway so its not a big deal.


ayy i miss those voxel style stuff… ever since i play Blockscape…

i have good hopes of the work, keep it up…


First import of the 2d terrain, not sure if i should make any modifications to it (pic moved to spoiler link) , things are going a little slow as im still picking up new tricks and tools, i think i can get away with the terrain being imported but ill probably need to do everything else (approx 3000+ D: ) from scratch since the angle of the sprites can be a bit wonky to convert.

Edit* since i didnt wanna double post, Im working on some zombie variations

Click here for pictures

not sure what style of character i want to go with though, I figured out a way to easily create clothing and armor for the characters using the layering system (i just make a seperate object on a layer and export them all at once :slight_smile: so sizing will not be an issue for the characters.)
Human_Male Human_Male_2 Zombie_3

a cartoony style green zombie (not sure i want to do the green skin except maybe for acid)

done a regular looking zombie

added a shocker zombie

Done a quick and simple dog as well, most models will get more detail and coloring as i get more done.


I can work on alternate poses and stuff once i have a template down, ill be setting up a sketchfab and github repo later, also if anyone wants too help the programs are free and easy to use (no artist backround necessary xD ) and they dont require a beefy computer to run.