28b8154 - blobs

i decided to suppress blobs on my APC it their slome pit. but i was covered with dozens of messages like:
DEBUG: the blob at (xx,xx,x) was not found in the tracker
Press spacebar…

That is one of the most common debug messages. press the ~ button to disable debug messages but this will continue to happen when there are many monsters at once, not just with blobs. Just ignore it as it is not game breaking but can get really annoying.

Did anything specific trigger it? Collisions?
Did it stop after a while?

I think the problem here is that vehicles in the game is not completed yet. I have that in a closed cabin during maneuvers can go any animal. This is because when the transporton the diagonal, it is not closed by walls that not calculated like connected.

At the same time when you ram monster, he can flies away and can fly in the cabin, where again may fly out. Thus can lost pointers of monsters.

By the way, once NPC got stand in the closed and driving vehicle and was crushed under the wheels. how?

I think here we must make some pointers at the monsters and NPCs that they can show us that monster in vehicle or not, and some flag of closing of the vehicle. It is clear that not all vehicles are enclosed, but we can calculate it for enclosed.

Maybe it will solve this problem.

You’d get different messages if it was about vehicles “missing” their passengers and crushing them instead.

okay. but anyway this problem is about vehicles and units. because i spent about one day near the blobs and there is no warnings. only if i try to ram them and vehicle lost strait direction.