2 hours to turn 1 long cordage rope into 5 short cordage ropes?

Whilst breaking down hay bales into long/short cordage ropes, I noticed that the time it quoted me was 2 hours.

I fail to understand how it could take my char a full 2 hours to cut this into 5 pieces. I have no doubt I could do it faster even if I was forced to use my teeth to make the 4 required cuts.

In light of this, I’m very sure I could do it much faster than 2 hours using the knife that was in my pack.

edit: I can appreciate the time for this job may be calculated by dividing the manufacture time of the long rope somehow. But to twist up 5 pieces of short cordage rope over 10 hours is a much more believable estimate of time, than using a knife to cut up a rope into 5 pieces.

Is there a way that the task can be coded where deconstruction of an object uses some sort of multiplier on the time quoted?

cordage ropes are just screwed in general, i had an island start and wanted to build a log raft. my character was constantly starving because apparently crafting ropes makes you burn 4000 calories per day… not to mention there wasnt enough plant matter on the island to make 3 long cordage ropes. they really need rebalancing