2 hours to turn 1 long cordage rope into 5 short cordage ropes?

Whilst breaking down hay bales into long/short cordage ropes, I noticed that the time it quoted me was 2 hours.

I fail to understand how it could take my char a full 2 hours to cut this into 5 pieces. I have no doubt I could do it faster even if I was forced to use my teeth to make the 4 required cuts.

In light of this, I’m very sure I could do it much faster than 2 hours using the knife that was in my pack.

edit: I can appreciate the time for this job may be calculated by dividing the manufacture time of the long rope somehow. But to twist up 5 pieces of short cordage rope over 10 hours is a much more believable estimate of time, than using a knife to cut up a rope into 5 pieces.

Is there a way that the task can be coded where deconstruction of an object uses some sort of multiplier on the time quoted?