2-by-4 Body Armor

So you can make two-by-four arm guards and also leg guards. Sweet. So what about body armor? It’s not the most outrageous thing ever invented and wooden armor is a real thing anyways. Wouldn’t be too hard, right? Some rags to go between you and the planks, some short rope to hold it all together, and bam, torso coverage. Obviously not the most brilliant thing ever invented but it beats going in with nothing but the shirt on your back, amirite?

Technically, the paper breastplate is the chest piece of the trash knight set. (and the pot helmet is the helm)

Well, that’s why I didn’t add a wooden chest piece when I made the guards.

The paper armor is really pathetic though. I think it offers about as much protection as average clothing. Maybe slightly more. Which is completely negligible.

If I can make wooden armor on my legs and arms, I would think I would also think to cover my torso a bit. Or you could rip the logsuit off of Don’t Starve.

I like the idea :wink: