Shoulder Pads (2 images)

Sorry for using images but I’m not sure this is what you call them, english is not my language :smiley:

I’m not sure if this is what you call them but I’ve searched the wiki and didn’t find any item that goes on your shoulders like this one, I think they are called shoulder pads.

Here is a pic:

I think it could be a cool adiction and provide extra protection to the Torso maybe …

I also think you should be able to craft some of wood perhaps with 2 by 4 and some string or maybe of leather patches, here are a few images.

I couldn’t find an image for some of wood but those would probably Encoumber you the most

The top one is already in the game in the form of “football armor”, but I could certainly see the bottom one getting added as a form of crafted armor.

I also found some military ones that might be cool to include in bodys in military incidents that we occasionaly find: