[0xB] Useless piece of code

[code]void iexamine::safe(player *p, map *m, int examx, int examy)
if (!p->has_amount(“stethoscope”, 1)) {
add_msg(m_info, _(“You need a stethoscope for safecracking.”));

if (query_yn(_("Attempt to crack the safe?"))) {
    bool success = true;
    if (p->is_deaf()) {
        add_msg(m_info, _("You can't crack a safe while deaf!"));

    if (success) {
        m->furn_set(examx, examy, f_safe_o);
        add_msg(m_good, _("You successfully crack the safe!"));
    } else {
        add_msg(_("The safe resists your attempt at cracking it."));

What’s the point of having ELSE clause if it always successes?

Just a guess, but at some point in the future it probably won’t always succeed.

That would be the issue listed at https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/issues/9695 - there are some solutions proposed, but nobody has implemented any of them.