[0xB]: Holy shitty skyscraper, this is BURIED LAND MINE

How to disarm these things?
I decided to go in my debug world.
I spawned buried land mine and a shovel.
Then, I dug a PIT (A FUCKING PIT) and you know what? Nothing. I tried to examine the pit which obviously had the land mine, but nothing. I said, “WTF” and decided to start yet another topic here.
While I was doing that, I tried to fill the pit I recently dug and the land mine appeared.

Don’t tell me it’s intended that you need to displace a trap by making another trap and then deleting this another trap so the first trap is revealed.

UPD: I had to have high “trapping” skill, got it. In this case I found yet another glitchy-buggy way to do something restricted. But that’s illogical that you don’t find buried land mine when you dig a pit on this place.