0.E+ (10883) Mopping not working

Trying to mop up blood and such, some squares with blood in them don’t highlight as moppable, other squares with blood highlight but I can mop them a dozen times and the blood doesn’t go away and it still shows moppable…error or what gives?

Try 10877 and see if it works.

I am not rolling back 6 versions to see if it works then, sorry. I have enough little problems all over the place being an experimental user.

Why would you complain in the first place then?


Because if it’s an issue in a newer experimental version it should be checked on later experimentals, not earlier ones.

Playing on experimental grants you access to new stuff faster, but it comes with a price to pay; bugs. Since playing on experimental was a choise you made, that’s part of it that you have to know about.
It’s like playing a game in the alpha phase: You get your hands on a game quickly, but you have to accept the bugs that come with it. If you don’t want bugs and crashes, wait for the finished product (or in this case, for the stable version).
But you (can) help the game to leave the alpha phase by testing it, reporting bugs and help fix them by testing some more.

I assume Zhilkin want’s to find out if a specific change to the code introduced the bug, to either roll back that change or patch it up, or to help you find a version that does not contain the bug if that’s more important to you.
To have a more real world explanation:
Imagine you lost your wallet. You announce that you’ve lost your wallet. Someone offers help with searching it and asks you where you know for certain that you still had it to start searching from there.
Your answer would be (based on your quote): “That’s not important, because I’ve lost it already. We have to find it in the future, not the past.”

Also, mopping up blood is not important for gameplay, as it’s a decorative element. But if it’s important to you personally, you can roll back to the last working version until it’s fixed (which might take a while, as it’s probably low priority, since it’s not important…).

Just to confirm, Build Version 10877 for Windows 64-Bit works for me and (the next available for Windows) Build Version 10881 (as well as the newest at this time; 10885) does not.

PS: Nice pixel art, Zhilkin.


I mean unless it’s changed since .c blood and other fluids give off smell which attracts hordes and causes zombies to spawn near places with high smell usually wherever the player is
that’s why you can tape off windows and why boomers attract other zombies

@Valase I’m well aware that playing on experimental brings bugs, and that’s why I point them out where I can.

If you don’t think it’s important enough to look into that’s fine, that’s up to you.

I’ve always felt that filth and such should be affecting the interest of animals and zombies based on smell, it’s a shame it isn’t. But if you think I shouldn’t be pointing out a bug because it’s cosmetic then from your point of view I just shouldn’t be on the forum at all.

Additionally, the great thing about having a community of players is that if someone happens to be on an earlier build they can try it, and I don’t necessarily nee to be the one to futz around with it. If it was something more significant or more likely to be situational, which mopping is very clearly not, then I would likely be more willing to go futz around with an earlier version to see where it began.

Yeah, I thought that was the case, but @Valase is saying it’s not.

Blood was labeled in the code at some place as “cosmetic” and I didn’t see any smell mechanic linked to the field, but this may have changed (or it’s an incorrect term) and I did not check the smell mechanics.
From what I know, Zombies seem to be attracted to the smell of the player character (and NPCs), as well as from food/cooking and butchery refuse. But I’ve never seen them piled up around blood or bile.
I will check it out when I get to it.

I got the impression that the sound of the exploding boomer or the glowing bile that lights you up attracts Zombies, and other than that it just blinds you… I’ll check that.

I’ve checked the code and couldn’t find anything obvious about blood smelling.
Then I’ve spawned in a gigantic pool of blood and the zombies didn’t show any interest in it.
Finally, I’ve went on a Mjölnir fueld rampage through a highly populated town, leaving behind a true blood bath and checked with the local and overmap scent debug option multiple times (after some wait) and there was no scent generated, neither from blood nor from butchery refuse.
Also, I found this while digging through the code:

// NPCs currently don’t make any use of their scent, pointless to calculate it

So, NPCs don’t make sense… cents… or scents.

I did not try to cook anything to verify or disprove that one too.

While it is still possible that there is some special horde mechanic that checks directly for blood or butchery refuse or that I just didn’t found the function that does that, I can now state with a limited certainty that blood tiles don’t emit smell.

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If there’s one thing I can not stand is someone cite me wrong, especially if it’s done intentional. Please don’t do that.

  1. I did not say it’s not important enough to be looked at.
  2. I did not say you should not point out bugs you found (quite the opposite).
    3. I did not say “blood and other fluids do not give off smell”, as I did not know if that’s the case or not. After I’ve verified it, I actually do say that “blood and bile do not give off smell as far as I can tell”.

Please reread my answer carefully if you think that’s what I’m saying.

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@Valase not intending to cite you wrong, it’s just what I felt was being communicated by your post.

Please read words, not feelings. If you are going to state that the ‘feeling’ of a message runs contradictory to the contents of the message, do so, but don’t just claim that the feeling is the actual message when its not.

Its appreciated when you raise an issue, but now your being rude rather than attempting to help resolve it. This doesn’t actually help an issue get rectified, and just flares up tempers. Its a community project, so when a member of the community does raise an issue, folks usually look to that member to help narrow down the cause, makes it easier for someone to pick up trying to develop a fix.


It helps to know which version introduced the issue.

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That’s true, and I’m happy to do the leg work some of the time. Other times I’m simply not motivated to go that far.