[0.C] Dying engine

Even though you are deaf you can still hear your engine dying sounds.

It’s an oversight most probably. But we can also imagine that it may be a sort of feature - 'cuz you are sitting in car and can sense engine’s work by vibration. Don’t know if deaf people can distinguish frequencies of sounds, though.

That’s a good idea - tactile feedback to replace sounds for deaf characters! The vibrations of the engine, the weight of the steering wheel, and the jolts of the body when it hits bumps or obstacles should all be things a deaf character can detect.

I’ve read a report of a successful Deaf concert percussionist, so I’d imagine fine-distinction vibration sensing is totally possible.

ideally though we’d change the message if you’re deaf, would be a nice touch.

I know some Deaf folks, so I know those are totally possible. One Deaf I know even danced in the first pair in a ball…

They said that Ludwig van Beethoven, while being deaf, listened to music by taking one end of his cane in teeth and the other end to piano.