0.C-3898 Generic Guns Mod crash

When i use the generic guns mod from 0.C-3898 to 3901 seems to cause the game to crash, when I try to make a new character.

I’m guessing it’s caused by blacklisting the guns used by certain jobs.

The “no religious books” mod seems to work, and fucked if I know why. Been testing all the item blacklist mods, will report which ones are fucked and which ones work when I’m done, assuming I don’t get dragged out of the house beforehand.

No religious texts

Doesn’t Work:
No mutagen
No antique firearms
No energy weapons
No fictional guns
No flaming weapons
No medieval items
No power armor
No survivor armor

I’m not sure whether to be amused or creeped out that the “disables religious texts” mod is the only item blacklist mod that’s still working.