[0.C, 3830] items with (cost < salvage output)

Dunno how to use git, so … if there is no point in this post tell me.
Small stuff to change.
Hoodie cost 12rag and give 16 rags when salvaged. (3 tailoring tested)
Wool hoodie cost 12felt patches and give 17-18 felt patch when salvaged. (5 tailoring tested)

Derp. Dusters as a whole are a delicious source of material replication, as well.

These have been around for a while.

Yeah, crafted only the leather version so I didn’t noticed it.

Duster cost 15 rags and gave me back 23 rags (7 tailoring)

Obviously it’s not a big deal but could be nice to see this fixed.

Ah, I remember one time I played a barbarian, in winter, with item spawns at the minimum.

That was one of the few times I was really dependent on this bug, as I found a cabin and made use of the curtain sheets.

Though if I recall, the REAL challenge was just finding a rock or two to start making tools. Had to smash some lab walls with my battleaxe, this was back when lab walls weren’t so damn tough. ;w;