Items dupe when installed from storage to vehicle

Current experimental duplicates items with an error that are stored (in cargo carriers, if that matters) to the vehicle they’re in. That is, you can put a FoodCo in your cargo carrier, install it from within 2 squares, it says ‘error: Item not found’ and then goes ahead and lets you install it anyhow, and leaves the current item in the storage. I’ve abused the hell out of this, so I hope I’m not being a whistle blower.


I (think) it’s related to the game (still?) reading the attached food-co thing as a part you can use to attach another to your vehicle.

Also you dirty cheater! How dare you! shoves all my cheating out of the way… …this is gonna take awhile :stuck_out_tongue:

eeeeek a Ryndren rant!
Actually it works on anything, just used foodco as something I can never find when I want it and would probably duplicate
Currently i plan to put some military composite in storage and then re-armor my whole rig. OMG OMG OMG i’m so pumped!