First time posting a crash log

So I’ve been expanding an outpost with NPCs. I recently upgraded my farming area to the 3rd or 4th level when it started causing the game to lock up and just close. It was right after I brought someone back from planting seeds. I’m able to consistently get the crash after talking to the camp manager about “what can I do to help?” option. Unless this is a known bug, what do I need to post or do for this to be logged?

I kinda figured out what caused the issue. It had something to do with one of the crops that were planted. I’m thinking it was the cloves of garlic (not bulbs) that caused the issue, since there are actual garlic seeds and the NPC took the cloves to plant anyways. I just debugged regular dirt over my mounds and burnt all the seeds that spawned. That fixed the crashing, but I haven’t tried planting anything else yet.

Issue should be resolved in build 7793 or above.