0.A Compiled with Codeblocks: No tileset options?

I’m on Windows 8, I compiled the game with Codeblocks, and everything is fine, having fun. Except I can’t use tilesets because there’s no option for it ingame. All the tileset folders are present in /gfx, but neither options.txt nor the ingame options menu have anything regarding tilesets. I gather that it’s supposed to be under Options/Interface, but… it’s just not. It’s a fairly minor problem, but I would like to try tilesets and this just seems strange.

Did you compile with “TILES=1”?

…I have no idea. Truth be told, I downloaded CodeBlocks just so I could compile the game and basically just immediately hit Compile with very little knowledge of what anything does. Is there a non-tedious fix or do I basically have to compile it again with the proper option on?

Compiling with tiles is nontrivial… or at least it was. If you just want to play, it is easier to download already compiled zip file.

The reason I chose to compile it is because the already compiled zip files didn’t work, though. Whenever I tried to start up the game, it’d immediately freeze, I couldn’t even get to the title screen. I looked through bug reports and saw nothing about that, so I tried compiling it myself and it worked.

We’re you downloading the latest precomped version (it’s at the bottom IIRC). It’s totally possible that there was a bug but it was fixed. Else’s use it you can post exactly what version you were downloading, and what OS you are using, etc. we might be able to get it working for you.

I just re-downloaded it just to see if I still had the issue, and yep. It also happens when I try the terminal version.

I used the “Windows tiles/SDL” link at http://en.cataclysmdda.com/. It’s supposed to be the latest stable version, and I’m pretty sure it is. I’m on Windows 8.1, and when I run cataclysm-tiles.exe, the only thing that happens is a black window pops up, and remains black until I click it, then I get the good old “not responding” error.

logg.txt reads:

Initializing SDL Tiles context Attempting to Initialize JSON and TILESET path information from [gfx] JSON path set to [gfx/HoderTileset/tile_config.json]. TILESET path set to [gfx/HoderTileset/hodertiles.png]. Attempting to Load JSON file Tile Width: 16 Tile Height: 16 Tile Definitions: 1896 Attempting to Load Tileset file Buffer Surface-- Width: 208 Height: 400 Tiles Created: 1744 Attempting to Create Rotation Cache Tiles initialized successfully. Generating fontlist mod_ui initialized

Tell me if there’s any other useful info I can give you to find out what causes it =/

Try latest experimental version from this link http://dev.narc.ro/cataclysm/jenkins-latest/Windows/Tiles/

It actually works, aside from the fact that it’s in French, which isn’t really a big problem since I speak French anyway. I’d prefer everything including the options menus to be in English, but eh.

The game by default uses your system localization if one is available. I believe it’s changeable in the options, but I’m not 100% on that.

It is changeable. Some menus remained in French, but after I restarted the game, everything’s in English. When I compiled it myself, it was in English by default, though.

Anyway, problem (kind of) fixed! The latest stable version still doesn’t work for me, but at least the experimental does.